Stark Architecture & Planning is a design firm specializing in residential and resort architecture. The firm was conceived in 2004 as a small, personal design firm with a focus on providing a complete design approach. We strive to create a great project that reflects the client's personality and integrates with the site and its context. Our projects embrace sustainability, energy efficiency and a healthy interior environment.

Programming is the initial and, in our opinion, the most crucial phase of the design process. We document as much information as possible about our clients' wants, needs and the ways they lead their lives in a narrative: a program. This program becomes the basis of the entire project. Before a single line is drawn, the project begins to take shape through this program. In essence we love to communicate.

I started my career in architecture in 1989 in Sun Valley, Idaho and have also worked in Seattle, Washington. My design experience has ranged from contemporary to traditional, log to Italian Renaissance but the one thing I strive for is timelessness – I want the project to look good today and age well while avoiding being deemed trendy.

My dedication to a project is complete. I will follow the project from design through construction, to punch and beyond. My goal is to come out of the back end of this process with your confidence, respect and a project that we are all proud of.